Dreams into Reality...

A bit about me, my name is Brittany or as you can see from above I also go by B. Eternity. I am a freelance artist residing currently in Cleveland, Ohio. I love doing portraits and full illustrations focusing on anything fantasy or mystical. Sometimes dabbling my hand in more symbolism every now and again. I love painting anything that comes to my head and bringing it to reality . 

I am open for hire and be reached at my email; B.Eternity96@yahoo.com

More about me: 

I always had a fascination for the arts since I could remember and was constantly doodling on anything I could get my hands onto. Throughout school, I often found myself drawing characters from shows that I watched to creating my friends into characters. More times than I could count, I often had my papers and pencils taken away because I would draw rather than pay attention in class. Even with one piece of paper and pen, I still drew my heart out. As I entered high school, I found a love for life drawings and portrait and wanted to apply that all that I learned into drawing characters of my own. With that being send, I set for Shawnee State University to join their game design program in the hopes to focus on character design. I learned very quickly that that wasn't exactly the path for me. I switched gears and decided to focus on studio arts which later was geared towards to focus on illustrations. Soon enough I became enthralled by digital painting and traditional life drawings. 

Let me preference with that I was a first generation college student in my family, coming from a lower class status. Going to college was a huge deal with the downside that I wanted to go to school for art. Particularly at the time, game design. My family and most of the people from where I came from don't see art as a career or a job and very much believe the whole starving artist mentality. Telling my family that I wanted to go to school for art didn't gain much support. Throughout grade school, I was constantly drawing. It was either characters from shows or my friends into a cartoonish style due to my love for anime and Disney. I was constantly in trouble in school for never doing my school work and opting to draw rather than focus in classes. I never cared for anything else in school besides art. So it wasn't a surprise when I learned that making art could be a career. In high school, during my junior and senior year, I often had a fight with my family regarding my career choice. My family wanting me to be a nurse and my dream to be an artist. So against my family's judgement, I set off to Shawnee State University to study game design and fine arts. 

Throughout college, I got a taste of how exciting and terrifying wanting to be an artist is. I was surrounded by so many different ideas, subjects, and medias, and it was so easy to get lost in wanting to learn it all. However my first year in game design made me think that perhaps game isn't exactly what I want to do. I didn't like 3D modeling nor any math that accompanied it. I really just wanted to paint "pretty pictures" and create characters. So I opted into the more general studio arts major with a concentration in drawing. From there I found an absolute love for life drawing and portraits. I was enthralled with learning how to draw people and draw figures that weren't super lanky or exaggerated like the anime style that I loved. Instead, I could create the characters and ideas that I pictured in my head since I was young. The next challenge was learning to paint. I took a digital painting course and I knew from there on out, I didn't want to put it down. It allowed me to sketch and add color and make posters and do everything I imaged. This resulted in exactly what I do now, painting a variety of characters and worlds and design. 

While i threw myself in studies, I learned so many different artists and passions that now attribute to the currently style I paint. I learned more about artist such as Glen Keane, Ross Tran, and Hayao Miyazaki who fueled my whimsical and fanciful side. I adored bright colors and having an air of magic and movement to my paintings. I also began venturing into the world of table top role playing games and found an "obession" with elves and other fantasy creatures. I found a love for light line work and cutesy wide eye characters. Along with the bright and bubbly side of art, I found myself leaning into the more darker or realistic side artwork. Having little to no support in my home life, I often painted vent pieces that expressed my frustration with my family, heritage, and religion. However those pieces turned into what I've come to love as Femme Fatale paintings. I took inspiration from artists such as Gustav Moreau, Remedios Varos, Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme and others. Combining the two very drastic styles I created a semi-realistic style of painting. These masters of art help guide me into my style today.

These influences that I have studied and learned so much from has helped get closer to my goals that I could wish to achieve. Each influence has left an impact on me, a desire, that regardless of what you are facing, there is a mix of beauty and pain, whimsy and reality, that set the path before you. You just have to be courageous enough to take it. If i could even be a fraction of inspiration to young artist who struggles with forging their own path, I'd consider that an amazing achievement. My overall goal, is still to be a lead artist for Disney in their concept design and character design, and while I know I have a long path ahead of me, I still have those same artists to look back on for hope. To be able to do what I love for a living and making my dreams become a reality.

As I continue to grow as an artist, I look forward to all the new challenges ahead of me, the dreams that keep me up at night , and the desire to continue to show others I am more than what they tell me. I hope my work inspires others to dream their dreams, follow their path, and make a name for themselves. I still have a long way to go but I can't wait to see where I'll end up.